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South Africa

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Africa Forum > Great White Shark Cage
posted : September 9, 2004 Post subject: Great White Shark Cage
Hi Fellow divers!

Just a few words (my View) on Diving and SA!

Why are the sharks at Gansbaai?
: : Well, we have Dyer Island and Geyser Island. Dyer Island has thousands of penguins and birds on it and Geyser Island thousands of seals. The Alley in the middel of theses two islands are obviously then a perfect feeding and breeding gruond for the sharks.

: : Do cagediving hurt or damage the sharks in any way?
: : No......The operators are highly trained and most of them knows the sharks like the back of their hand. It is of utmost importance to them not to disturb the natural habitat of these beautiful creatures.

: : I'm sure most of you already heard of my good friend "uncle" Andre Hartman. He freedives with the sharks. I grew up knowing Andre and trust me, that guy realy has a passion for these animals. He's been on so many magazine covers and documentaries, that I'm not even gonna try and list them.
: : I was fortunate enough to meet the National Geographic team when they were out here to film Andre Hartman freediving, and trust me, they had the utmost respect.

: : Basicly, if you wanna dive with the Sharks, do it with Andre.
: : Andre is currently trying to get permission fron the filmers to put some footage and photos of himself freediving on www.westerncape.u-k.org that will blow your mind. Imagine riding a White shark like you would a dolphin holding on to its fin...thats all I'm gonna say.


: : Now, the issue about security in South Africa:
: : Thing is, there are no issue. The overseas tv only reports the bad stuff happening over here and they seem to forget about the good stuff. I have never in my 20 yrs been mugged, robbed, kidnapped, hijacked or whatever you wanna call it.

: : Over to the good stuff!
: : It is CHEAP man!
: : A bottle of good red wine = $4-50,
: : A pack of ciggarets = $1-00,
: : A 600gram T-bone in a top class restaurant = $7-00
: : A nice car for a day with unlimited milage = $20-00
: : Oh yeah, and sunscreen is VERY cheap here.
: : If you are planning a trip here and are wondering what to buy here and how much it costs, send me an email at elnacaravias@yahoo.co.uk and I'll try my best to help you out.

: : Anyway, I suppose I cant take up to much space, but if you guys need any info on Mozambique whale shark diving, SA or the Great White Sharks, please view our site at website westerncape.u-k.org or just drop me a message here.

: : Ps: I would love to answer any questions about the White Sharks and if I dont know I'm sure that Andre will be able to help.

: : Good and safe diving for All!
: : Cheers for now
: : Elna Caravias

posted : September 9, 2004 Post subject: Great White Shark Cage
am interested in Great White Cage Diving. Can you give me an idea of costs involved. I am a PADI open water cert diver with very little diving experience. I would be coming from the UK so an idea of accommodation would be good also.

What currency would you be quoting?



Africa Jack
posted : October 28, 2004 Post subject: Great White Shark Cage
Hi. I keep a fully equipped L/Rover & trailer in Joburg and can take upto 4 persons to Mozambique[I know well] only 4 times a year and into Kruger if wanted. I tailor make nearly all my trips & all equipment is available at selected dive centres on the coast. Can you get me any passengers. Costs vary on what & where. I also do wildlife to Botswana. Anything?? Baie dankie. Jack